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Translation of websites
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Thank you very much for a very prompt and high-quality translation that you have done for us.

Unfortunately a translation of such excellent quality is very seldom to come by.

Eugenia Komina

Legal Department

Professional Translation Services

"MBS Intellect Services" Translation Agency, Moscow, Russia, provides all types of translation services: oral consecutive translation, simultaneous translation, written translation, as well as a number of supplementary services such as verification and official certification of authenticity of translated materials, notarization of translator's signature, and legalization. The majority of our clients order translations from Russian into English, French, German, and Spanish. We do have the possibility however to translate your materials from any language of the world.

As a rule, "MBS Intellect Services" Translation Agency provides translation services to corporate clients (see section Company Profile for the list of our clients). Often having done a translation for a certain department we receive new orders not only from the same but also from other departments of the company and even from its partners and allied enterprises. This is the main principle that we use to develop our clientele. But why, of all the translation agencies available on the market, do they keep choosing the "MBS Intellect Services"?

Our advantages

  1. We work with professional translators only (certified specialists with degrees in linguistics) who have extensive experience and each of whom specializes in a certain area of translation. We cooperate with a great many translators who live abroad, e.g., in the USA, Canada, Switzerland.
  2. Prior to being sent to the client all translated materials undergo meticulous proof-reading and editing. In certain cases special consultants participate in the translation process. If so desired by client, "MBS Intellect Services" can forward materials abroad to be translated or edited by native speakers.
  3. We work 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Your orders are always welcome regardless of the time of the day or night they come in at.
  4. Our translations are always professionally typeset and formatted. We work with superior-class typists and art-work specialists. Regardless of the software application or method used to compose the original, if so desired you will receive an excellently laid-out translation the format of which will fully match the original.
  5. There are no hidden surcharges. Click on Services and Rates to see our prices. These rates are final. We do not charge for translation typesetting and formatting, information carriers (such as floppy disks), or printing

Determine if "MBS Intellect Services" should be the company of your choice

  • If you need to translate a very important document
  • If your enterprise interacts closely with Russian companies
  • If your business requires you to communicate with Russians
  • If you do not want to pay extra for correction of a low-quality translation
  • If you do not want to justify yourself in the eyes of your Russian colleagues for their not being able to understand a translation
  • If you think that a translation of superior quality can boost your status and your company's prestige

You may benefit from the services provided
by the "MBS Intellect Services" Translation Agency

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Our Clients
Nokia Siemens Networks
Oliver Wyman
Rothschild Bank AG
Nice, Израиль
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